Retrofits - Thermal Solutions

Equipment Retrofits

Technology keeps moving. Full Spectrum Group can help your lab keep up with retrofits and software upgrades.

As your various control systems and thermal equipment become out of date, Full Spectrum Group’s Thermal Solutions team can offer expert consultation to conclude if the old equipment is a candidate for renewal (or complete replacement).

Does your lab employ an old freeze dryer or environmental chamber that needs a total overhaul? FSG can restore this equipment so it provides years of accurate, reliable service. In some cases, these retrofits increase efficiency through the use of higher quality components. Our team can take you from an old Windows platform to the latest upgraded operating systems so you can take advantage of benefits like remote access, up-to-date security updates, and predictive monitoring.

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Equipment We Cover

Ultra low temperature freezers
Laboratory freezers, refrigerators, growth chambers, blood bank coolers
Lyophilizers (freeze dryers), from flask dryers to pilot lyophilizers to large production lyophilizers
Process chillers (for lasers, LCMSs, NMRs, etc.) and larger applications
Sterilizers, Autoclaves, Washers
Environmental rooms (constant temperature and humidity, hot and cold)
Environmental test chambers and rooms (variable temperature and humidity)
Thermal shock and vibratory test chambers (HALT)
LN2 dewar and cryo storage units

Our Other Solutions Teams

Full Spectrum Group Analytical Solutions

Our Analytical Solutions team focuses on chromatography systems such as GC, GCMS, HPLC, LCMS, dissolution testers, and more. FSG offers ongoing contracts, lab asset management, qualifications, and more.

Full Spectrum Group Monitoring Solutions

Our remote monitoring and continuous validation services offer peace of mind to anyone who has to manage a controlled space. Perfect for laboratory cold storage, pharmaceutical product storage, and more.