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Most folks can imagine how frustrating it is when a home fridge goes out because of a power failure and all of the food spoils.

While this can be a horrible inconvenience, the cost of replacing spoiled food pales in comparison to the cost of a laboratory refrigeration system failure. Some of the contents kept in cold storage can cost thousands of dollars to recover. Tissue samples, blood, plasma, vaccinations, cells, specimens—none of these are easy to replace. Having an experienced laboratory refrigerator repair and maintenance partner can alleviate these issues, saving the lab a lot of trouble. Not only can your maintenance partner perform regular maintenance and performance checks, but they will also help you devise a strong backup plan that includes alarm systems, battery back-ups, and more.

Our scientific refrigeration service division works with just about everything—from small refrigeration units to multiple cold room systems.

In addition to laboratory refrigerator repair and maintenance services, we also work with pharmaceutical laboratories that employ large systems with multiple cold rooms. Our team will adopt your standard operating procedure for maintenance, or we can help you devise one! From cold room installation to regular PM, our engineers can be a part of the team from design to build to maintenance.

Many of our customers depend on our Thermal Division to outfit their labs with the proper refrigeration equipment.

Part of our scientific refrigeration service line includes helping your lab find the right refrigerator for the right job. Not every lab refrigerator is tested to properly house flammable materials. Not every fridge is explosion-proof. Many times, a standard-use refrigeration unit will do the job. Our Cascade team can help decipher what type of units are required, along with a quote for the new equipment (including delivery). We handle sales, delivery, installation, compliance labeling, calibration, validation, PM, and repairs. Our single-source solution for all lab equipment repair is great for lab leadership teams who are trying to control costs and alleviate downtime.

Laboratory Refrigeration Repair

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Service contracts for laboratory refrigeration repair, parts, and PM are easy to obtain.

Alleviate surprise parts and repair costs while lowering the chance for unexpected downtime with a custom-crafted contract by Full Spectrum Group. Our service contracts are based on carefully chosen requirements; our team has a lot of knowledge around which parts will need to be replaced (and when). We can include a parts budget, regular PM visits, qualification services, calibration, and more. Our team is more than happy to put a service contract together for most or all of the instruments in your lab, and we know each one will have unique requirements. Our multi-vendor engineering team strives to delight customers with quick response times and support.

Our full lab asset management services create a true single-source solution for all of your lab’s equipment. Contract management, repairs, maintenance…leave it all to us.

Full Spectrum Group has been partnering with lab managers for decades to alleviate operational burdens. Managing all of the service and PM contracts for all of the equipment can be time-consuming; we love to be an integral part of the lab manager’s team so they can spend time on more important projects. Lost time is lost money in a lab—we truly enjoy the opportunity to help control costs, alleviate surprise downtime, and extend the life of expensive instrumentation. Our high-capacity team is strategically placed in service regions across the country, with HQ hubs in high-traffic areas.

Laboratory refrigeration repair and maintenance might be a small part of our service offerings, but its importance can’t be overstated.

This is why we have an entire service division dedicated to thermal instrumentation. Our Thermal division will work with the internal employees to build, implement, and maintain a clear SOP for any cold storage equipment. This will include frequencies for testing alarm systems, testing remote communication systems, reviewing coolant levels, running calibration processes, and more.

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