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Incubation Repair Services

Keep samples vital and growing with incubation repair and maintenance by Full Spectrum Group.

Incubators are an important part of any laboratory.

Many industries, including biochemical, hematological, pharmaceutical, and food analysis labs, use incubators. An incubator provides a clean, climate-regulated environment for the growth and maintenance of cell and microbial cultures. They are also used for storage of antibodies, bacterial cultures, tissue cultures, and much more. 

Incubators must maintain critical metrics, such as specific temperature, humidity and CO2 levels, to be effective. Depending on the necessary conditions, incubators are set to fixed levels or can cycle through different ones. No matter the lab type, incubators are a necessity. Moreover, they must be reliable, otherwise there is a risk to the samples stored within them.

FSG Thermal SymbolThe importance of up-to-date incubators.

Incubators, like every piece of equipment, are integral to the success of the work happening inside your laboratory. Temperature, humidity, and gaseous levels can fluctuate in any storage space. Some fluctuation is normal and acceptable within a given range. Too much fluctuation, however, or a total drop in functionality, is not sustainable for your lab.

Full Spectrum Group provides solutions to keep your incubators running and up-to-date. Our incubation repair services are professional, fast, and ensure the longevity of your incubator. We also offer temperature mapping validation services to monitor your incubator from anywhere. Qualification and validation of your laboratory’s controlled spaces, including incubation equipment, is essential for compliance with Title 21 of the Food and Drug Administration’s Federal Code of Regulations. 

Full Spectrum Group’s temperature mapping validation services provide peace of mind. You can continuously monitor your lab equipment from any mobile device or computer. No matter where you are, you can confirm the status of your incubators, ULT freezers, cold rooms, and other storage equipment. Our system can provide real-time alerts should something not work as expected.

We work with incubators of all sizes. 

Laboratory incubators come in many sizes. From large, walk-in incubation systems to units that fit on a countertop—we can repair it. Our incubation repair division handles just about everything.

Many customers rely on our Thermal Division to fit their labs with the right incubator.

Our Thermal Division team is here to help your lab find the right incubator. Different labs need different equipment. Our team can help decide what incubator is the right fit with the right specifications. Even if you already know which incubator you need, we can assist with the acquisition process. We handle it all! From sales, delivery, and installation to compliance labeling, calibration, validation, PM, and repairs. Full Spectrum Group is an integral member of your lab’s team.

Getting service contracts for laboratory incubation repairs, parts, and PM is easy.

We understand the frustration that comes with unexpected repairs and outages. Combat surprise repair and parts expenses with a custom-crafted contract by Full Spectrum Group. Service contracts lower the chances of unexpected downtime due to equipment maintenance. Our team is knowledgeable about which parts need replacement and when. Let our service contracts take that stress off your shoulders. Our incubation service contracts are fully customizable. For extra peace of mind, we can include a budget for parts, qualification, calibration, and other critical services. We are more than happy to put a service contract together for most or all the instruments in your lab. Our multi-vendor engineering team strives to please customers with quick response times and support. Let us know if you are interested in a service contract for your incubation equipment.

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