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We Have an Entire Division Dedicated to Freeze Dryer Repair Services

Lyophilizers are an investment. Our lab instrumentation experts help extend the life of your lyophilizers and reduce surprise downtime.

Full Spectrum Group’s Thermal division has expert engineers dedicated to repairing and maintaining your lyophilizers. Plenty of mechanical issues can arise with these complex instruments, and frequent usage requires a heavy preventative maintenance plan. If you’ve spent hours troubleshooting and lost high-value product loads due to performance issues—we can help. Having a reliable expert to help troubleshoot and administer freeze dryer repair services is a smart move. For on-demand service and ongoing service contracts, Full Spectrum Group is a great fit for labs of all sizes.

Many of our engineers are former lab managers, chemists, and OEM engineers. We have the most refined freeze dryer service offerings and product knowledge. If you encounter issues when drying biological materials, contact us 24/7. Lost samples and products are expensive and difficult to replace. Our job is to work with your lab’s unique budget and service requirements to ensure the reliability of your lyophilizers. Don’t wait until problems arise!

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We offer on-demand freeze dryer repair services, along with custom service contracts for your lyophilizers.

Our service contracts are great for lab managers who want to control their instrumentation repair and maintenance costs. Our team can ease expensive downtime and optimize instrument performance—all while extending the life of your expensive lyophilizers. Our service contracts can include the cost of parts and repairs, or they can be PM-only. We build solutions tailored to your lab’s budgetary requirements while offering as much value as possible.

Sometimes lyophilizers need a new control system or vacuum pump. The cost of those parts can be an unpleasant surprise.

Our experts review the age of your current instrumentation and the maintenance performed over the years. From there, we craft a custom service plan for that instrument, including the most common repairs.

Service contracts sometimes aren’t a match for the lab’s budget. This is where our on-demand services come into play. If your lyophilizer is acting up, you can always submit a service request with Full Spectrum Group’s Thermal Solutions team. From there, we can quote and administer a proper repair or refurbishment for your lab’s freeze dryers.

When the OEM retires support for your lyophilizer, it’s not the end. Full Spectrum Group offers custom extended service contracts.

Extend the warranty and the life of your lyophilizers with a custom service plan from Full Spectrum Group’s thermal solutions team. Our preventative maintenance services include switching out gaskets, changing vacuum pump oil, cleaning compressors, and regular performance qualification.

We also offer compliance services such as calibration, validation, and qualification.

The FDA requires strict compliance for any and all lab instrumentation. Full Spectrum Group’s thermal solutions team is ready to help with compliance through maintenance, repair, and detailed documentation. We also maintain ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17025:2017 certifications so we can offer instrumentation qualification in an ongoing capacity.

To top everything off, we also offer refurbishments and upgrades.

Our depot facilities stock everything from vacuum pumps and vapor seals to control boards. We are happy to evaluate your lyophilizer and advise if it is eligible for refurbishments or upgrades. We can upgrade the control system, replace vacuum lines, vacuum sensors, and other parts to improve performance. We have facilities located across the country if you prefer to send us your lyophilizer, but we also offer world-class, on-site support.

Save hours of endless troubleshooting so you can focus on the quality of the science.

A lab’s biggest concern is the quality and accuracy of the scientific output. Pharmaceutical and biomedical laboratories must adhere to strict regulations to stay compliant. Full Spectrum Group knows how to help. Our company’s certifications allow us to offer IQ/OQ/PQ services, along with NIST-traceable calibrations. Contact us today for a free contract review and a customized quote! We’d love to bring our product expertise into your lab.

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