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Custom Service Plans

Critical storage equipment outages can stop lab operations cold and put the science to a halt.

We can help you mitigate this.

Every lab has different requirements in order to perform at the highest possible level. Full Spectrum Group’s Thermal Solutions team is full of instrumentation experts who can help craft a custom service plan that takes equipment troubleshooting off your team’s plate. We love working with lab managers, directors, techs, and stakeholders to craft a plan that contributes to the lab’s larger vision for growth. We cover ULT freezers, cold rooms, lab refrigerators, autoclaves/washers, lyophilizers, incubators, and more.

Are you sick of surprise costs?

You can include the cost of parts and repairs in your service contracts in order to control costs, build a more accurate budget, and avoid surprise charges. If you have instrumentation that is critical to lab operations, this could be a great option.

Do you want a mix of onsite and phone support?

Sometimes a quick walk-through over the phone is all that is needed to get your cold storage equipment back up and running. We offer both options for our customers.

Do you need 24/7 repair support?

When a freezer goes down, sometimes waiting simply is NOT an option. Our Thermal Solutions team is up to the challenge. Our team is available at all hours of the day, but this is option is only available for customers within our designated service regions.

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It’s best to contact us BEFORE things break.

Avoid frustrating downtime in the lab by setting up a proactive service plan with Full Spectrum Group’s Thermal Solutions team. We’re ready to explore your lab, listen to your requirements, and review your equipment in order to customize a service plan that keeps you in a more strategic role. The last thing you want to do is spend hours troubleshooting equipment outages, which is why labs choose a customized contract with FSG.

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Our Other Solutions Teams

Full Spectrum Group Monitoring Solutions

Our remote monitoring and continuous validation services offer peace of mind to anyone who has to manage a controlled space. Perfect for laboratory cold storage, pharmaceutical product storage, and more.

Full Spectrum Group Analytical Solutions

Our Analytical Solutions team focuses on chromatography systems such as GC, GCMS, HPLC, LCMS, dissolution testers, and more. FSG offers ongoing contracts, lab asset management, qualifications, and more.

Take lab equipment repair off your plate today.

Full Spectrum Group offers a myriad of services for labs in many different industries. Learn more about how we help labs run more efficiently today.

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