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Experienced Autoclave Repair & Servicing

If your lab is in need of autoclave repair or other sterilization equipment servicing, you can count on our thermal solutions team to get the job done.

Our expert technicians know what it takes to keep your laboratory’s autoclaves operating at manufacturer-specified levels.

Full Spectrum Group provides onsite autoclave repair services when you need them. We can also set up an ongoing service contract that includes regular PM, repairs, and compliance assistance. We manage a well-stocked inventory of sterilization equipment repair and replacement parts.

If your lab is ready for a new autoclave, our thermal solutions team can help outfit your lab with high-quality equipment.

If autoclave repair is out of the question and you need a replacement unit, our team can help! We have decades of combined experience outfitting labs with new and professionally refurbished instrumentation. Our sales team is happy to discuss the needs of your lab with you to assemble a custom quote. We can source equipment from some of the top OEMs in the industry. We also offer expert installation service and maintenance programs.

Full Spectrum Group also offers qualification (VP, IQ/OQ/PQ), calibration, and validation services.

Our certifications allow us to become an integral part of the lab’s technical team—we offer instrument qualification (IQ/OQ/PQ), along with professional calibration and validation services. Keeping up to date with instrumentation compliance can be a lot of work. Let Full Spectrum Group remove the burden! We will send an experienced Service Engineer who is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited.

Eagle Registrations
ISO 9001:2015
Registered by EAGLE Registrations Inc.

We offer different levels of autoclave repair and maintenance services.

Sometimes, your sterilization equipment just needs a standard repair. In these cases, we simply repair the unit so it operates per the manufacturer’s specifications. All of our services come with a warranty for additional peace of mind. In the event a more advanced repair is needed, we will:

Inspect and replace all old and worn parts.

Check for clogs and properly clean the chamber drains.

Descale and clean the internal chamber.

Get the unit working to OEM specifications.

We offer a variety of additional services to our laboratory partners. If your autoclaves are critical to laboratory operations, consider a comprehensive service contract. Such a contract includes the cost of repairs and replacement parts (along with preventative maintenance and compliance services). In addition to this, we also offer a critical spares list, which allows you to buy the parts and keep them at your facility in your inventory (which helps keep down-time to a minimum). Our depot service technicians are also prepared to offer flat-rate shipping for approved autoclave repairs.

Common issues that require autoclave repair services.

By following a few simple rules, one can avoid the need for repair services. Full Spectrum Group is happy to provide training to educate staff on best practices for autoclave usage. Below are examples of the most frequent cases that require autoclave repair.

  1. It is important not to “overload” the autoclave during a sterilization cycle. This could cause a failure to actually sterilize the contents.  (The more you load your chamber, the more time and power it will take to reach the needed temperature.)
  2. We get contacted when sterilization cycles get aborted or canceled mid-cycle. The culprit is usually large liquid loads, which take a lot of energy to sterilize. Running many smaller loads is the best way to sterilize liquids and avoid sterilization termination mid-cycle.
  3. One must closely monitor the melting point for items put into the sterilization chamber. These units reach extremely high temperatures—temperatures that can easily melt certain types of plastic. Melted plastic in the chamber will require advanced autoclave repair services.
  4. Not checking the chamber drains and cleaning them regularly could keep the unit from reaching the desired temperature. This is a great troubleshooting tip if the team is running into temperature issues! If left unchecked, clogged chamber drains can cause damage to other integral parts.

Schedule Your Autoclave Repair Today.

If you lose hours to troubleshooting sterilizer issues at your lab, give us a call. We respond to repair requests within 48 hours, and many times we can have a certified engineer to your lab within the week. If you are looking for extremely fast response times, scheduled maintenance, compliance services, and more—we highly recommend a custom laboratory service contract. A member of our solutions team is ready to discuss your needs in more detail. We look forward to serving your lab!


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