Service Plans & Contracts

Proactively Plan for Productivity

Are you exasperated with unexpected delays and costs undermining your plans? A Service Contract with FSG is like instrumentation insurance. It makes staying within your budget easier. Service contracts also reduce your stress of instrumentation problems because it entitles you to our VIP-priority status.

Your FSG service contract provides:

Reasons to Start an FSG Service Contract Today

Here are several common scenarios that prompt opening a new service contract:

  • Deciding to retire an instrument or purchase a new one
  • Continuing coverage after an OEM warranty expires
  • Maintaining support after OEM stops supporting older instrument
  • Streamlining asset management duties and reducing paperwork
  • Scaling the lab for higher productivity
  • Protecting against escalating problems in one of your sensitive instruments
  • Preventing revenue loss caused by delays from malfunctioning equipment
  • Extending the life of an instrument
  • Responding to increased demand for a quick turnaround time

The truth is that any time is an excellent time to improve your lab operations. No matter what prompts you to call us the first time, we are confident you’ll love our unparalleled support and customer service. Your local field service representatives are ready to provide you with prompt, expert support.

Comprehensive Support and Precision Science for all Instruments

Service Contract with FSG Billable Services OEM Warranty
Guaranteed 48 Hour On-Site Emergency Repair
Multiple Vendor Support
Prioritizes Analytical Labs
Customizable for Best Value
Consistent Field Reps who Follow your Lab Policies
Proactive Maintenance and Updates
Scheduled Preventive Maintenance
Unlimited Technical Support by Phone
Ability to Plan your Budget without Surprises
Streamlined Paperwork and Management
Continued Support of Older Instruments
Customized validations packages allow you to participate in how the protocols for IQ, OQ, and PQ are written.

Ask us about Asset Management, Contracts Management, Life-Cycle Support, and much more.

"When FSG says that they fixed the issue, they fixed the issue. They seem to be really happy to be working with us and working with me. So it makes my day a little bit brighter."

Nathan Olson
Analytical Scientist, R&D
Axar Pharmaceuticals, Inc.