Service Contracts Management


All Service Contracts are complex by nature. While they are essential and strategic to the organization's success, Managing and Renewing them is challenging for Top Management and Procurement Personnel. FSA delivers a Proactive and Methodical bidding process, which provides opportunities for cost savings and process efficiencies.

FSA proactively and methodically manages your Service Contracts from the Scope of Work, Request for Quotes, Contract Award, Service Compliance and through the Renewal Process.

Key Benefits

  • Coordination and follow-up on all instrument service requests
  • Proactive Preventive Maintenance alerts and scheduling
  • Centralized Service Contract and System Qualification Resources
  • Standardized Terms and Conditions and Supplier SLA agreements
  • Streamlined Request for Quote, Discount Proposals and Contract Renewals

Reduce Cost

  • Enhanced Purchasing Power through large pool of vendors
  • True Cost of Ownership assessment for actual long term cost reduction
  • Quantifiable efficiencies resulting in long-term administrative savings
  • Over 20 years of True MVS Service and Instrument Qualification Experience

FSA is a strategic Asset Management Partner that provides management and procurement personnel with custom solutions delivering quality vendors, cost containment, risk mitigation, compliance services and managed supplier expectations while maximizing the Client's Profitability, Success, and Return on Investments.

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