Agilent MCGV1100 and 200 Multi-Channel Gradient Valve (MCGV) for Model G1311A


SKU: HP-110-1110


Agilent MCGV 1100 Multi-Channel Gradient Valve for the G1311A Quaternary Pump, 90 day warranty

“NOTE- Multi-Channel Gradient Valve (MCGV)- Agilent Technologies
The lifetime of the multi-channel gradient valve can be maintained by regularly flushing the valve, especially when using buffer solutions.  If using buffer solutions, flush all channels of the valve with water to prevent precipitation of the buffer.  Salt crystals can be forced into an unused channel and form plugs that may lead to leaks of that channel.  Such leaks will interfere with the general performance of the valve. When using buffer solutions and organic solvents in the HP 1100 Quaternary Pump it is recommended to connect the buffer solutions to one of the bottom ports and the organic solvent to one of the upper gradient valve ports.  It is best to have the organic channel directly above the salt solution channel.”

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