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Agilent 5973 w / mount Electron Multiplier

Manufacturer: SGE
OEM PART #: SGE 14617
FSA PRICE:  $1,878.00
In Stock

FSA part number-SGE-ETP-5973M (with mount) must be ordered for first time users.

Features of ETP Electron Multipliers

The electron multipliers manufactured by ETP use a proprietary of dynode material.  This material has a number of properties that make it very suitable for use in an electron multiplier.  It has very high secondary electron emission, which alllows exceptional gain to be achieved from each dynode.  This material is also very stable in air.  In fact, an ETP multiplier can be stored for years before being used.  As a direct result of the high stability of the active materials used in ETP multipliers, they come with a two year shelf life warranty.  Many testing laboratories take advantage of this long shelf life by keeping a replacement ETP multiplier on hand, ready for immediate installation.  this keeps the instrument down time to a minimum, 30 day warranty.

The Electron Multiplier Advantage:

  • Optimized ion and electronic optics and unique dynode shapes for maximum performance
  • Increased surface area for enhanced sensitivity and extended operational life
  • Total compatibility with all major quadrupole, magnetic sector and TOF instruments
  • Lower Noise / Higher Gain / Easy Installation
  • Air Stable
  • Low Dead Time
  • Wide Linear Output Current Range

Importantly, ETP's focus on innovations in MS is consistently reflected in each and every product solution developed.

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