Pharmaceutical Labs Need an Experienced Analytical Instrument Repair Partner

FSG also covers other pharmaceutical lab equipment, such as ultra-low temperature freezers, lab refrigerators, dissolution testers, lyophilizers, incubators, and sterilization equipment.

FSG Offers:

Laboratory Service Contracts
On-Site PM Visits
Calibration and IQ/OQ/PQ
Lab Asset Management
Onsite Lab Equipment Repair (as needed)
Lab Depot Repair Services
Lab Relocation Management
And Custom Design of Environmental Rooms

Large, busy pharmaceutical labs need an experienced, high-capacity instrumentation partner to keep operations running smoothly.

Full Spectrum Group has multi-vendor certified engineers strategically placed all over the country to make sure our customers get the on-location help they need when they need it. We offer a complete suite of professional instrumentation services.

Whether your lab oversees testing, R&D, and/or everything in between—our engineers are equipped to service:






ULT Freezers

Cold Storage


Walk-In Rooms



Freeze Dryers

Our Cascade Thermal Division can handle cold storage from all angles (building custom cold rooms, maintaining existing freezers, repairs, sales, etc).

Full Spectrum Group has an entire company division dedicated to cold storage. Our thermal engineers have decades of experience helping lab leadership teams avoid critical instrumentation and equipment issues. We help maintain and repair ultra-low temperature freezers, laboratory refrigeration systems, lyophilizers, autoclaves & washers, incubators, and other specific pieces of pharmaceutical lab equipment. We can even build brand-new custom cold rooms or redesign your existing ones on-site. In addition to our maintenance & repair services, the team can create updated, documented maintenance procedures—but we can also adopt your existing procedures and integrate them into the lab’s environment.

Custom Cold Room Photo

Are you storing live samples, cell cultures, vaccines, or other biological materials at your lab?

If so, this means that keeping your cold storage units and lyophilizers in top working order is of the highest importance. In many cases, pharmaceutical laboratories will need multiple freezers running at different (but precise) temperatures. If your freezers have ever malfunctioned or stopped working, then you know how damaging it can be. Live samples must be handled and stored with great care to stay viable and ready for processing or analysis. With Full Spectrum Group on the team, you are fortifying your instrumentation upkeep processes, controlling operating costs, and minimizing unexpected equipment downtime.

Are you scaling up? Full Spectrum Group can outfit your lab with additional freezers, lyophilizers, refrigeration units, custom cold rooms, and other thermal solutions.

Our equipment and parts division has an ever-changing inventory of used and refurbished freezers, refrigerators, chromatography instrumentation, and other specific pharmaceutical lab equipment. All of our equipment sales come with a limited 1-year warranty, and include one preventative maintenance visit during the warranty timeline. The team generally requires about two weeks for delivery, but you can always contact us to learn more about our current inventory, pricing, delivery timelines, and other logistics. Do you need some equipment on loan? Full Spectrum Group has a fleet of rental equipment for temporary use during lab relocations, equipment depot repairs, scheduled maintenance—and even those inevitable surprise repairs.

We can help with IQ/OQ/PQ services, in addition to calibration for your freezer and refrigeration units.

Pharmaceutical laboratories, by nature, have very strict compliance requirements. FSG has multi-vendor certified engineers who can assist with installation qualification for new equipment, along with operational and performance qualification at regular intervals. All of our qualification services follow the documented standards set by the OEM, and we maintain highly detailed logs that are kept in close proximity to the instrumentation. Most lab teams are happy to pass this process to Full Spectrum Group so they can focus on the most important thing: the science.

Pharmaceutical Lab

Full Spectrum Group’s roots are in analytical instrument repair services.

If your laboratory employs chromatography instrumentation, FSG is a great partner. Many members of our service team are former chemists, lab managers, and OEM engineers—so they know the chromatography instrumentation inside and out. Extended warranties and contracts are available through Full Spectrum Group after the original equipment manufacturer stops supporting your specific models. In many cases, we can keep your lab’s chromatography instrumentation in top working order for years after the OEM retires support. Our contract customers enjoy on-site guaranteed service within 48 hours (upon receiving repair requests), along with regularly scheduled PM visits, phone support, discounted parts, and other benefits. Our analytical instrument repair contracts include additional perks to help control costs and keep surprise downtime at bay.

Full Spectrum Group has kept pharmaceutical lab equipment in top working order for decades.

From troubleshooting pressure issues & noisy baselines to repairing & maintaining ultra-low temperature freezer units—Full Spectrum Group can help minimize lab downtime and optimize instrumentation performance. Our team cares about the quality of the science just as much as our customers do, which is why we offer a single-point solution with a vast suite of professional services. We look forward to becoming your premier instrumentation advisory team! Speak to an FSG sales representative if you’d like to get a custom-tailored quote for your lab(s)!

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