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Coordinated Relocation Services

December, 11 2017

For more than a decade, Full Spectrum Analytics, Inc. (FSA) has delivered quality instrument relocation services to thousands of laboratories. Our expert team will be working hard to provide you with complete peace of mind, by ensuring you that your laboratory instruments will be reinstalled in optimum working condition at your new location.



Introduction To FSA

December, 11 2017

Full Spectrum Analytics is a dynamic company consisting of veteran service engineers, software specialists and application chemists. We provide a unique combination of product knowledge and multiple office locations throughout the United States, allowing our clients to benefit from our superior troubleshooting skills. Our 20,000 square foot headquarters in Pleasanton California is home to our company wide parts distribution and instrument service centers it's also a company-wide training center where many of our service engineers keep up to date on the latest cutting-edge technologies. We specialize in the service repair and validation of a wide range of instrumentation including gas liquid and ion chromatography systems mass spectrometers purge and trap headspace units triple quad lc/ms GE acta dissolution systems and total organic carbon analyzers’. We support a wide variety of manufacturers such as Agilent ABC x waters Teledyne technology coal Varian dye annex shimatsu and others. Full Spectrum Analytics is dedicated to providing specialized analytical solutions for your multi vendor chromatography systems we resolve client service issues in a timely and cost-effective manner in order to become an integral part of your company.