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Laboratory Environmental Monitoring and Continuous Validation Services

Our remote laboratory environmental monitoring system uses top-of-the-line sensors to provide 24/7 access to data and reports with your mobile device.

Stringent FDA compliance protocols require any laboratory which stores biological materials or pharmaceutical products to have a monitoring system in place. Many laboratories meet these demands the old-fashioned way with a clipboard, pen, and thermometer. Our modern laboratory environmental monitoring services provide a more efficient approach. Improve the way your lab operates toward compliance, validation, calibration, and qualification.

Imagine monitoring your lab’s regulated spaces from anywhere. That’s the reality with our laboratory monitoring system.

You can check temperature, pressure, humidity, CO2 levels, and O2 concentration all from your mobile device. The concept and philosophy of Pharma 4.0 propels us forward. This idea led us to create a remote monitoring solution which gives our customers true peace of mind through real-time reports, system alerts, and more. Not only is our system easy to install and simple to operate, but the solution easily scales to monitor any amount of regulated spaces.

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FSG’s monitoring-as-a-service includes:

  • Onsite installations, training, and mapping services
  • Remote support and remote calibration services
  • Remote access to reports on temperature, pressure, humidity, O2 levels, CO2 concentrations, light levels, and more
  • Custom alerts, such as light intrusion, water intrusion, temperature fluctuations, and open doors
  • Access to a series of reports via your tablet or mobile phone
  • Data storage in the Microsoft Azure Cloud—an ANAB-accredited Information Security Management System—which guarantees cyber security and data protection
  • 24/7 system uptime (even in the event of internet failure)
  • Onsite calibration services (NIST, UKAS traceable) are available with our mobile laboratory units

This is a full turnkey monitoring system for your laboratory.

Full Spectrum Group’s laboratory environmental monitoring is a fully scalable solution for laboratories of any size. Our experienced monitoring solutions team starts the process with an evaluation of your regulated spaces. Once we have an understanding of the space and industry requirements, we configure your sensors. At this stage one of our engineers will create a private domain for your company with the control software, and connect your hardware making installation quick and efficient. Once the system is configured and tested, we train your staff to ensure correct system usage. We can even set up system alerts for open doors, light intrusion, water intrusion, temperature fluctuations, and more. These alerts are available in many forms, such as texts, emails, visual alerts, audio alerts.

Laboratory Environmental Monitoring: Computer Screen Reports

Your lab will ALWAYS be ready for any kind of compliance audit.

The compliance component of running a biotech, medical, or pharmaceutical lab is stressful. Our laboratory environmental monitoring solution can ease some of that burden. Necessity is the mother of invention, but peace of mind is the purpose of our remote monitoring solution. We want to help laboratory leaders protect the quality of their science; the reputation of their lab is part of our mission. In the event of an FDA compliance audit, our mobile application is all you need. A few taps and you have every report necessary for your auditor. You no longer have to schedule a time for qualifications and calibrations. You can forget about outdated reports that don’t pass audits. Our continuous monitoring system stores 10,000 data points—with time and date stamps—so you can pull required data at any moment.

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There are optional modules to explore.

Our laboratory monitoring system has optional modules available. For example, you can add modules for metrology, maintenance, geolocation, HACCP, and Active Directory. You can even find your assets on location with our mapping system. Our system also will allow you to gain a deeper understanding of your facility’s power consumption and energy requirements. In addition to our monitoring services, Full Spectrum Group offers a series of onsite lab equipment repair services for your lab’s various instrumentation and temperature-regulated storage units.


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Protect your valuable science, put a halt to losing valuable product, and gain peace of mind while we monitor your controlled spaces. Get information and reports right from your mobile phone at any time, and customize your alert system to work for your space, your team, and YOU.


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