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Humidity Mapping Services

Full Spectrum Group’s turnkey lab monitoring solution includes humidity mapping services.

Like Full Spectrum Group’s temperature mapping validation, we also offer humidity mapping services. Qualification and validation of your lab’s controlled spaces is critical to compliance with Title 21 of the FDA’s Federal Code of Regulations. We offer a unique solution to monitor humidity equipment and controlled spaces. Our humidity mapping technology allows you to monitor your warehouses, cold rooms, and incubators. Real-time reports are accessible 24/7—from any mobile device or computer—and provide continuous validation. Never let your compliance lapse again with humidity mapping. These services provide our customers peace of mind and relief from one less nuisance in the lab or warehouse space.

Like temperature, humidity fluctuations can occur in any space. The best storage spaces in the world experience routine humidity and temperature shifts. The key is keeping humidity levels within an acceptable range. Humidity levels can affect the sensitive materials kept in your lab’s storage containers. Therefore, humidity mapping is integral to monitoring and compliance. 

Full Spectrum Group’s humidity mapping service tracks humidity changes over a given period of time. Track how the humidity changes in the course of a day, week, or any desired amount of time. If your laboratory is due for a compliance audit, the necessary reports are a click away. Our service will validate the integrity of the laboratory storage areas anytime. You will know—night or day—that your equipment is in good hands.

We are ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited.

Equipment and monitoring calibrations within our scope of accreditation follow ISO/IEC 17025:2017 quality standards. We reduce your laboratory’s risk. That peace of mind allows you to focus on the task at hand—the science. Our processes are verified through proficiency testing and interlaboratory comparisons. We are confident in the quality of our calibration services, which are all traceable to NIST.

Monitoring GraphicHow our humidity mapping service works.

Humidity mapping, much like temperature mapping, starts with placing pre-calibrated, real-time data-logging sensors within your climate-controlled storage space. You’ll run humidity validation tests specified toward the samples you’re working with. Full Spectrum Group’s turnkey lab monitoring includes an easy-to-use mobile app. There’s no waiting around for the tests to complete. You can check your humidity mapping equipment from your mobile device or desktop.

After the initial setup and calibration of your sensors, you can continue to check data from any mobile device. That way you can ensure your sensors continue to operate as expected. Take the extra step and keep these sensors active throughout the year. Now you can verify your humidity mapping validation and stay compliant. With real-time alerts and reports, you’ll know when deviations occur and can act fast to resolve. 

When to perform
humidity mapping validation.

Routine and external factors, such as seasonal variations, will impact humidity levels. These events are good reminders to update your humidity mapping. There are also other, specific times where humidity mapping is essential. To be clear though, there’s never a wrong time to conduct humidity mapping validation. 

For example, the acquisition of new equipment is a crucial time to do humidity mapping. The first step after installation of new equipment should be to complete standard-qualification tests.

Many of these tests will be dependent upon the equipment’s purpose.

Relocated equipment also requires humidity validation. After a move, it’s important to make sure the equipment is compliant and operational. Any move can impact the unit’s performance. It is critical to complete humidity mapping validation after the unit is secure in its new home. For similar reasons, repaired equipment will also need a validation cycle. 

If your controlled space needs to be FDA compliant, validation is necessary at regular intervals. Routine validation proves that you follow proper storage regulations. Everything from tissue samples to cosmetic supplies require humidity mapping validation for FDA compliance. Full Spectrum Group is very proud to offer our customers continuous validation at all times.

Our Monitoring Solutions team can calibrate
your sensors from afar.

When your monitoring system requires calibration, we will send you a new set of calibrated sensors to replace your old ones. To return the old ones, we provide pre-paid, stamped packaging. Once you install the new sensors, our team will perform a series of tests. These tests confirm whether the sensors are properly reading the environment. Is your team too swamped with science to run these tactical, operational tests? Our team at Full Spectrum Group is happy to manage it all for you! We have customizable contracts for our remote humidity mapping validation and calibration services. Contact our Monitoring Solutions team today for more information.

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