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Remote laboratory monitoring solutions for your critical controlled spaces.

Our remote laboratory monitoring systems come with extremely durable sensors and a simple, intuitive app for monitoring temperature, pressure, humidity, O2 levels, CO2 concentrations, light levels, and more (with compliant cloud storage through Microsoft Azure).


CBRE has acquired Full Spectrum Group from our private equity owner, and our business will be fully integrated into CBRE’s Global Workplace Solutions Integrated Laboratory Solutions group. For information about the acquisition, please read the press release.

Full Spectrum Group has been purchased by CBRE

Our Monitoring Solution

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1. Place the Sensors

Our team will come to your location to expertly place the sensors for optimal performance and data capture. We manage the sensor’s lifecycle for you so you don’t have to.

2. Configure the App

We’ll set your data points (humidity, temperature, pressure, CO2 concentrations, O2 levels, etc.), along with configuring custom alerts for light intrusion, open door, and more.

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3. Train the Team

Even though we offer world class tech support, we still want to empower your team. We will show everyone the ropes with regard to pulling reports, adding new users, and more.

Stay Compliant | Mitigate Product Loss & Viability Issues

Continuous validation and remote monitoring are all part of the Pharma 4.0 movement. Instead of keeping track of qualifications and validations via spreadsheets and notepads, automatically pull constant data points and store it all securely in the cloud for easy access from any mobile device or desktop. We will build your monitoring system, train your team, configure your custom alerts, manage your sensors remotely, and offer technical assistance at any time for a full turnkey monitoring solution.

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Pharmaceutical Cold Storage

Even the best cold rooms in the world will have slight temperature fluctuations. The challenge is maintaining the room’s temperature (and other vitals) within a range that is acceptable for your lab’s compliance requirements (and then logging and storing the data). Temperature mapping is critical when it comes to monitoring and compliance—which is why we have an entire team dedicated it.

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Meet Our Other Solutions Teams

Our Thermal Solutions team is ready to help you repair and procure laboratory equipment such as ULT freezers, laboratory refrigeration units, custom cold rooms, lyophilizers, autoclaves, and more.

Our Analytical Solutions team focuses on chromatography systems such as GC, GCMS, HPLC, LCMS, dissolution testers, and more. FSG offers ongoing contracts, lab asset management, qualifications, and more.