Full Spectrum Group offers Mass Spectrometry services to labs across the country.

What are you looking for?

Billable, Onsite Repairs

One-Off Mass Spectrometry Repair & Maintenance

When a full-service contract isn’t in the budget, you can count on Full Spectrum Group to help with expert onsite lab equipment repair services.

An Ongoing Equipment Service Contract

A contract with FSG is like instrumentation insurance that control costs and helps you plan your budget for the year. We can build a custom plan that matches exactly what you’re looking for.

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Laboratory Service Contracts

We Offer NIST-Traceable Calibration & Certification Services

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is responsible for maintaining the national standards of measurement within the U.S. Standardized documentation is what ensures an NIST calibration is successively linked to the specified reference standard. The vendor providing the calibration service is responsible for documenting the NIST traceable calibration and providing the proper documentation for the completed service.

Calibration Services
FSG Service Areas

We have service regions spanning the entire country, with hubs located in key areas.

We earn the trust of lab managers from coast to coast with our exceptional trademark service. Flexible services allow you to maximize your budget. Our services include applications support, relocation, unlimited technical assistance, comprehensive software management, mass spectrometry maintenance, and customized multi-vendor qualification protocols.

Service Contracts

Perfect for those looking to control costs and plan out the annual budget. We offer a free contract review!

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Asset Management

FSG has crafted a single point solution for lab instrumentation upkeep with our lab asset management services.

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Lab Relocation

We build custom crates and take care of moving your delicate, expensive laboratory equipment.

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Parts & Supplies

We have a large inventory of instruments replacement parts and supplies that changes every week.

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