Mass Spectrometer Repair Services for Busy Lab Managers.

We offer billable mass spectrometer repair services, ongoing service contracts, scheduled PM visits, and other flexible service options.

mass spectrometer repair services

With our regional engineers stationed throughout the country, Full Spectrum Group can offer multi-vendor mass spectrometer repair services to laboratories of all sizes.

When your LCMS or GCMS is experiencing complications — such as low resolution, low signal, or loss of sensitivity — troubleshooting the issue can be very time-consuming and difficult. FSG would love to partner with your lab to help alleviate downtime and keep all of your critical instrumentation performing at a high level.

Mass Spectrometer OEMs

Ongoing Mass Spectrometer Repair Contracts

Imagine how nice it would be to have an expert repair engineer on your team. Our ongoing lab equipment service contracts come with a 48-hour onsite guarantee, flexible payment plans, fully compliant qualification packages, preferential travel & labor rates, discounted repair parts, and more. These service contracts are an effective solution for lab managers who are trying to control their lab’s operating expenses. When you need mass spec repair services, it’s nice to know that an experienced engineer will be there in two business days to diagnose and administer a fix.

FSG Service Contracts Can Include Parts & Labor 

If you’ve ever been caught off-guard with the cost of expensive replacement parts, you’re not alone. Great financial planning relies on the ability to control your lab’s costs and build a professional annual budget for your instrumentation. Working mass spec repairs into a service contract with FSG allows you to have a clear understanding of what it will take (and cost) to keep your instrument in top working condition all year-long. By working the cost of parts and labor into the annual contract, you can say goodbye to unexpected expenditures related to broken instruments.

Full Spectrum Group has negotiated discounts for mass spectrometer repair parts, and can also provide refurbished exchanges allowing us to pass our savings onto our contract customers. In addition to preferential pricing for repair parts, you can also expect special pricing for travel and labor costs.

Mass Spectrometer Maintenance (Scheduled PM Visits)

Preventative maintenance is an important part of any lab instrumentation budget. A PM for each of your instruments is included with an FSG service contract. Your dedicated account manager will help you schedule your PM visits in a timely manner. If something comes up and you need to cancel, no problem! We know that agility and flexibility are important traits for an instrument service provider. If your Mass Spectrometer can’t leave rotation for a scheduled PM, we can always reschedule the visit for a time that is convenient for you.

Mass Spec Qualification Services (IQ/OQ/PQ)

If you just procured a new mass spectrometer and you are looking for installation qualification (IQ) services, FSG’s certified engineers are ready to help you with your compliance requirements. Different projects require varied qualification frequencies — we specialize in working within highly-regulated industries (such as pharmaceutical laboratories, food testing labs, and many other fields). Operational qualification and performance qualification services can be purchased as a one-off OR they can be worked into your ongoing lab equipment service contract. Being flexible for our customers is our number one priority, which is why we offer our IQ/OQ/PQ services in a variety of capacities.

Onsite, On-Demand, Billable Mass Spectrometer Repair Services

Sometimes an ongoing service contract just isn’t in the budget, but you’re still looking for a strong lab equipment repair partner. Startup labs and labs on a tight budget love working with FSG because of our flexible cost structure. With regional service engineers located all around the country, we have the capability to offer fast, billable mass spectrometer repair services. If you’re experiencing frustrating issues at your lab related to your instrumentation, create a repair request ticket with us and a member of our service team will be in touch shortly. Even if you’ve never worked with us before, it’s easy to get started:

  • Submit your service request
  • A member of our service team will contact you
  • After some screening questions, FSG will assemble a quote
  • Once you approve the quote, the work order is created
  • The service team will communicate the timeline for the repair
  • An experienced FSG engineer will check-in before arrival
Lab Asset Management Services

Do you feel like you’re wasting your valuable time trying to diagnose complex mass spec performance issues?

Submit your lab instrument service request today and we’ll reply in short order.