Our Lab Asset Management Services Will Improve Your Daily Work Life

We know you’re spinning a lot of plates — lab asset management is about making your work life easier.

Most of our service engineers and sales team members were chemists, OEM engineers, and lab managers in the past. We understand how many plates have to spin in order to maintain a high-functioning laboratory. This is why FSG has crafted a single point solution for lab instrumentation upkeep with our lab asset management services.

Managing all of your lab’s assets is an extraordinary amount of work. Lab managers are generally always juggling contract management, instrument service needs, instrumentation procurement, equipment qualification requirements, and many other critical factors related to instrumentation. Having a team of experts at the ready can be a lifesaver. At FSG, we’ve built an entire system around helping lab managers, directors, and techs keep an organized bird’s eye view of the lab and every asset that makes it tick.

While many people believe that only larger-scale outfits benefit from lab asset management services, we believe these services are a great match for labs of all sizes. Mainly because we tailor-fit our solutions to meet your unique needs and budgetary requirements at each stage of growth.

Lab Asset Management Services Include:

  • Comprehensive Instrument Service Plans
  • Service Contract Management
  • Equipment Repairs & PM
  • Lab Relocation Services
  • Regular System Qualifications
  • End-of-Life Services for Assets
  • And more
Lab Asset Management

Custom-Crafted Comprehensive Instrument Service Plans and Contracts

FSG has been crafting custom lab instrument service contracts for decades. We work closely with your team to develop a strategy for all of your lab’s critical and non-critical assets. One of the most important steps is to perform a comprehensive assessment of all the assets in the lab. This includes all information relative to those assets, such as; model and serial number, PM and Qualification schedule, current service contract vendor, etc. which is all stored in our Asset Management Database. This allows us to map out a thorough solution for the lab with visibility of schedules, pricing, and location of the instruments.

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Service Contract Management

A large fleet of instruments is difficult enough to maintain, but it’s not uncommon for each piece of equipment to have a unique service contract attached to it. Each contract likely comes with a different service vendor, and it all adds up to more organizational responsibilities. Full Spectrum Group has the infrastructure to assist with all of this. We employ enterprise-level software, clear reporting, concise communication, expert advisors, knowledgeable service engineers, and other critical tools to create a system that drives smooth lab operations.

Equipment Repairs & PM

For critical instrumentation, a comprehensive service plan will include the cost of regularly-scheduled PM visits AND the cost of parts and labor (should a repair be required). We’ve heard too many stories about lab managers being caught off guard with heavy repair expenses that blow their annual budget out of the water. Our professional lab asset management services prevent this from happening because we want to know every intimate detail of your organization. We help create classification systems for your instrumentation so we can devise custom contract solutions for each asset. Ensuring that your equipment is properly cared for and maintained is one integral part of the job, but we also want to help improve lab efficiency so you can focus on the quality of your lab’s output.

Lab Relocation Services

Lab Relocation Services

There are many reasons for a lab relocation, such as a lease ending, a building being sold (or purchased), or a need for more space to accommodate growth. Whatever the reason, there is always one constant: lab relocation is an operational disruption. No matter how you slice it, moving causes operations to stop in some form or another. However, when lab relocation is properly planned and executed, it can alleviate a lot of downtime.

FSG has been helping partners with lab relocation services for decades, and our experience shines when our clients realize that the process doesn’t have to be painful.

When FSG is managing your lab’s assets, part of our job is to ensure that everything is safely moved to the new location in an orderly and compliant fashion. Our advisory role would allow us to help with custom checklists, DOT permits, sourcing cold storage for moving live samples, assessing the new location, creating floor plans, and more.

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Periodic System Qualifications

Scientific equipment qualification needs to happen at very regular intervals throughout the life of an instrument. Some highly-regulated industries require a much higher frequency, along with more detailed reporting in order to stay compliant. In many cases, even small errors in output data can lead to dangerous consequences at many levels. FSG can provide professional IQ/OQ/PQ services as part of our lab asset management services, but we also offer these services on an as-needed, billable basis as well. Over the years, we have cultivated relationships with many lab managers, and we’ve gained a solid understanding of how many responsibilities and requirements their job title holds. Out of those responsibilities, the quality of the science is always held at the highest level of importance. When you bring FSG on to manage your lab’s assets, you are bringing an entire team of chemists, engineers, and advisors in house.

EOL (End-of-Life) Services for Instrumentation

Keeping track of your instrument’s life cycle is just as important as maintaining it. As the equipment spends years in your lab’s rotation, it is important to watch performance degradation in order to give a good recommendation and assessment with regard to EOL. When we’ve classified an asset as EOL, finding ways to properly dispose of, sell, or repurpose the instrument becomes a project in and of itself. If we can’t find a way to repurpose the instrument in your laboratory, the FSG service engineers will assess whether or not the instrument can be refurbished and sold. In the end, sometimes an instrument just needs to be properly disposed of in compliance with the EPA (which we can handle as well). Basically, our lab asset management plans cover your instruments from start to finish.

Lab Equipment Repair

What’s the real value of outsourced lab asset management services?

The value of FSG’s lab asset management services will be revealed in a few different ways. Extending the longevity of your instrumentation can translate into thousands of dollars, but improvements to efficiency are hard to put a sticker price on. Allowing the leadership team to focus LESS on arduous operational items and MORE on the research can lead to growth and success. Running your lab like a business is much easier with the FSG team on your side!