Instrument Life Cycle Planning & Management


We design innovative control solutions that enhance an enterprise' purchasing cycle and provide data to deliver unbiased technical consulting that qualifies the most optimal purchase & finance options for an Enterprise.

Our services provide Top Management and Procurement Personnel with objective technical consultations, a wide selection of vendors, strategic purchase options such as buy, lease or rent, as well as Asset Lifecycle, Planning, Relocation and Disposition Strategies.


  • Optimize Vendor Offerings and Client Preferences
  • Purchasing process streamlines procurement cycle time
  • Objective Technical Consultation with historical performance analysis
  • Options for Installation, Training and Support of recently acquired systems

Maximize ROI

  • Exceptional purchasing power with large Network of Suppliers
  • Guidance with Refurbished, New or Demo and Lease, Rent or Buy Options
  • Comprehensive Cost of Ownership analysis, including service history, consumables and downtime
  • Over 22 years of proven business proficiency and True Multi-Vendor Program Solutions

FSA is a strategic Asset Management Partner that provides management and procurement personnel with custom solutions delivering quality vendors, cost containment, risk mitigation, compliance services and managed supplier expectations while maximizing the Client's Profitability, Success, and Return on Investments.

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