Laboratory Contract Management

The FSG team works side-by-side with you to create programs that are systematic and coordinated, through which your organization can optimally and sustainably manage asset purchase processes, long term performance, operating cost expenditures, regulatory risk, and disposition over the entire lifecycle—for the purpose of achieving your organizational strategic plan and maximizing return on investment.

Our objective is to foster meaningful relationships with our customers in order to reduce cost, waste, provide purchase, lease or rent options. Also manage service contracts, ensure regulatory compliance and assist with lifecycle planning while contributing to the profitability and success of the organization while maximizing its return on investments.

Procurement Consulting Services

  • Objective Technical Services Consultation for new acquisitions
  • Complete Lifecycle Planning for Laboratory Assets
  • Decommission and Disposition Strategies

Contracts Management Resources

  • Centralized Service Contract Management Services.
  • Standardized supplier Terms and Conditions, and Service Level Agreements
  • Streamlined Proposal Reviews and Contract Renewals

Enterprise Asset Management

  • Streamlined Client-Vendor Relationships
  • True Multi-Vendor Service & Qualification Protocols
  • Inventory Management and Relocation Services

Strategic Business Intelligence

  • Instrument Inventory Control at the asset level that includes Service and Financial History
  • Comprehensive Cost Analysis for effective long term Return on Investment
  • Operational Reporting with Service Metrics and Key Performance Indicators

FSG is a strategic Asset Management Partner that provides management and procurement personnel with custom solutions delivering quality vendors, cost containment, risk mitigation, compliance services and managed supplier expectations while maximizing the Client’s Profitability, Success, and Return on Investments.