Company History

Spring, 1992 San Francisco Bay Area

Service businesses are arguably the most important sector of the domestic economy.  In the United States, service industries account for a large portion of the Gross National Product and an equal amount of all employment.  Specifically, business to business services are one of the fastest growing segments of the service industry. This growth stems from a change in the United States’ economy that has shifted away from manufacturing. With chromatography instruments, corporations are spending more capital on maintaining their instruments than in all previous decades.  This is the reason why Full Spectrum Analytics was formed. Lab directors and owners needed a partner that can curtail service cost and provide comprehensive support to all of their analytical instrumentation.


In June, 1992 Full Spectrum Analytics, Inc. was established in Northern California by  Tom S. Fider and Alan H. Chan primarily as an alternative service provider for analytical, research and production laboratories.  In February, 1993 John A. Martin accepted an offer to be the founding partner for the Southern California region.

At that time, analytical laboratories, especially environmental labs had a severe need for an instrument service company that could support multi-vendors chromatography systems. Most systems were a mixture of different data systems, temperature control modules, pumps and detectors, that were assembled from various leading manufacturers. So when there was a hardware, software or chromatography failure in the system, different manufacturer engineers were called in to diagnose the problem. The limitation with this was that most manufacturer engineers were only proficient with the portion that their company manufactured. If that part of the system was functioning properly, it was then necessary to call in another service engineer from another manufacturer.

FSA addressed these issues by providing expert service on the entire system, including an understanding of the analysis being performed on the instrument. And as they say, the rest is history…


Offices purchased across the USA to accommodate growing clientele - North Salt Lake, Utah 2005. New Regional Offices followed such as Pacific Northwest, Rocky Mountains, Southwest & East Coast



Important Dates In FSA Inc History

(1992) -Established in June of 1992 by Tom S. Fider and Alan H. Chan in the San Francisco Bay Area.