Laboratory Service Contracts by Full Spectrum Group

Multi-Vendor Laboratory Service Contracts by Full Spectrum Group

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Streamline instrumentation upkeep, save time and control costs with custom laboratory service contracts by Full Spectrum Group.

Laboratory service contracts can be a life-saver for any lab manager who is feeling stretched thin. They help control costs, lengthen the life of expensive equipment, save time, hasten the repair process, and more.

We are certified to help you in many different capacities.

Our laboratory service contracts come with ISO 9001:2015 Certification, along with ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation. We work with laboratories of all sizes in many different markets (forensics, pharmaceuticals, food production, and more).

Full Spectrum Group offers a wide array of contract options.

We don’t have a “one size fits all” package. Our experience tells us that every lab is very different — each with unique challenges, requirements, and budgets. Getting a quote from us is easy! You can talk to an FSG team member at any time for a free consultation.

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Laboratory Service Contracts

FSG Service Contract

Billable Services

OEM Warranty

Guaranteed 48 Hour On-Site Emergency Repair
Multiple Vendor Support
Prioritizes Analytical Labs
Customizable for Best Value
Consistent Field Reps who Follow your Lab Policies
Proactive Maintenance and Updates
Scheduled Preventive Maintenance
Unlimited Technical Support by Phone
Ability to Plan your Budget without Surprises
Streamlined Paperwork and Management
Continued Support of Older Instruments
Customized validations packages allow you to participate in how the protocols for IQ, OQ, and PQ are written.

Is your OEM service contract expiring soon? You can purchase extended laboratory service contracts with FSG.

When the OEM stops supporting your instrument, it doesn’t have to be the end. Full Spectrum Group can take over where they left off so you can lengthen the life of your original equipment investment. There are hidden costs to getting a new instrument for your lab. The new lab equipment will come with a new service contract anyway — so why not save some money? There is also the time it takes to train the staff on how to operate the new equipment safely and accurately. Ditch the learning curve and keep your perfectly functional equipment going for years after the OEM retires support for your model. Additionally, most of Full Spectrum Group’s engineers worked for the OEM who manufactured your instrument!

We have in-house expertise on instruments from Agilent, Sciex, Thermofisher, Waters, Shimadzu, and many other equipment manufacturers.

Are you planning on scaling your lab up to meet high demand? Laboratory service contracts can help you get there faster.

Who doesn’t want less paperwork? Who doesn’t want more streamlined operations? Allowing a lab manager to focus more on growth strategies and less on instrument maintenance is the first step to scaling and leveling up. This means building a plan around hiring more technicians, purchasing more equipment, moving to a larger facility, and more. Being a dependable, trusted advisor to lab managers is what we do. Our range of services is expansive, and our national presence means we have the capacity and the expertise to accelerate the lab’s growth plans. Sometimes the demand comes out of nowhere, and a quick solution is required. Full Spectrum Group is an agile, national service partner with an extremely positive track record. We absolutely love helping lab managers and lab owners reach their highest potential. The lab’s success is our success.

Have you lost revenue due to delays in lab equipment repairs? That’s a thing of the past.

It’s a story that we hear time and time again: an instrument took six weeks to get fixed, taking it out of the rotation and causing project delivery delays. Every lab manager knows that time is money, so why not find a better solution that fits your needs like a custom-tailored suit? Full Spectrum Group offers ongoing laboratory service contracts that are based upon the unique qualities of the lab. Our quote assessment has been refined over decades, and the thoughtful questions speak to our expertise.

Laboratory Service Contracts

Not every piece of equipment needs the same attention, and not every piece of equipment needs the cost of parts included.

Our lab service contracts come with a 48-hour onsite guarantee for repairs so your critical instrumentation can stay in the game and in rotation. Your demand will go up along with your reputation of delivering results on budget and on time.

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Less Paperwork

Laboratory service contracts streamline billing.

Working with a multi-vendor service partner like FSG provides a variety of advantages. Having a single-source solution for lab equipment maintenance and repairs is one thing, but being able to have one vendor to help with most of your equipment needs — regardless of the OEM — offers even more streamlined benefits. Most lab managers we know grow tired of managing multiple contracts with multiple OEMs, and we don’t blame them. This is why we offer a dependable, single-point solution for instrumentation maintenance and repairs. When you go with FSG, you have fewer invoices to give to the bookkeeper, and fewer contracts to keep track of.

Laboratory Service Contracts

Lab Manager

Nobody likes surprise costs.

Surprises are only for pranks and birthday parties.

Some lab equipment repairs require expensive parts. We’ve seen what happens when lab managers realize that repair parts and repair labor aren’t included in their OEM contract (only scheduled PM). When a lab is trying to stick to a specific yearly budget, the cost of replacing a complete HPLC pump system can throw that entire budget out the window. With FSG, you can work with our sales and engineering teams to tailor your laboratory service contracts so they work perfectly for your budget and your requirements (with a mix of preventative maintenance and parts/labor).

Most of our laboratory service contracts come complete with a comprehensive PM schedule — which allows us to call out serious issues before they cause a critical instrument to go down.

Laboratory service contracts with FSG are like getting an insurance policy for your lab’s instrumentation.

While equipment upkeep is usually a big part of a lab manager’s job description, it can become a heavy distraction and a barrier to the lab’s growth potential. The biggest benefits of a service contract with FSG are:

  • Controlled costs around lab equipment maintenance and repairs
  • Less paperwork (due to our multi-vendor experience)
  • Lengthening the life cycle of the expensive instrumentation
  • Freeing up time so lab managers can focus on growth strategies
  • Delivering on-time and on-budget more frequently

Are you interested in learning more about our laboratory service contracts? Fill out the form below and one of our team members will reach out to answer any questions you may have.

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Laboratory Service Contracts

Take lab equipment repair off your plate today.

Full Spectrum Group offers a myriad of services for labs in many different industries. Learn more about how we help labs run more efficiently today.

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