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FSG provides lab relocation services to labs across the country.

There’s no argument here — moving an entire laboratory of ANY kind is a complex project that will impede daily operations and can cause a lot of disruption in the lab. We’ve seen the issues that can crop up when a complex moving project goes awry. Lost samples, damaged research, and broken instruments are just a few of the catastrophes that can occur if the laboratory move isn’t handled properly by experienced laboratory movers.

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Choosing your team of laboratory movers can be complex.

This is why we encourage all lab managers to consider professional laboratory relocation services when this type of project falls into their lap. Professional laboratory movers will not only come with a refined lab relocation process, but they will also leave no stone unturned. Lab relocation projects can be complex; you’ll be glad that you outsourced the project to our experienced service engineers (who have a successful track record). Contact FSG today for a free consultation and quote.

Creating a timeline for the laboratory move can be daunting for just about anyone.

Since time is money in a lab, the first question we get asked regarding lab relocation is: “how long will this take?” It’s a great question, and with multiple projects happening simultaneously, we understand the concern. Once you’ve hired Full Spectrum Group’s laboratory movers to help with your project, the planning process begins. After being assigned a professional project manager and a seasoned service engineer, the first deliverable is the detailed moving timeline. Once the schedule is established, your project manager will make sure that everyone is staying on time, that tasks are being assigned appropriately, and any “task blockers” are removed on a regular basis. The timeline includes dates and timeframes for:

  • Taking inventory of every item in the lab
  • Classifying and categorizing all items
  • Reviewing the new location (electrical, plumbing, network, etc.)
  • Reviewing all entrances and exits, and taking measurements
  • Sourcing packing supplies and materials
  • Packing everything up
  • Sourcing cold storage for live samples

This is a very general outline, but you can see how complex the moving process can be. Having a schedule and a timeline that is being managed by a multi-vendor service provider like FSG can really save the day.

Lab Relocation Services

Lab Relocation

Lab Relocation

Professional laboratory movers are properly equipped to relocate your expensive instrumentation SAFELY.

At Full Spectrum Group, our engineers can handle any laboratory move (regardless of size and complexity). Making sure your expensive instrumentation investments make it safely to the new location is our number one priority (along with alleviating as much downtime as possible). You’ve paid tens of thousands of dollars for your liquid chromatography instrumentation. Experiencing damage during the move will not only be costly, but this scenario will certainly delay project delivery and cause other operational snags.

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Don’t hire just any moving company.

Your delicate, expensive instrumentation requires specific skills.

The laboratory movers at Full Spectrum Group have in-depth knowledge of your instrumentation. How the equipment works, how it is used, how it is built, and how to test results in the new location — these are the things that set a professional laboratory moving company apart from a standard moving outfit.

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FSG helps laboratories stay compliant.

Before, during, and after the move.

Any time we are moving materials that have been deemed “hazardous” by the Department of Transportation, special permitting is required. We take both public safety and industry compliance standards into account in equal measure. Moving live samples can imply heavy cold storage requirements, and that usually involves a lot more than just renting a freezer. Some samples require specific temperature RANGES; significant planning is needed to make sure that all samples make it to the new location in test-ready condition.

Once everything is moved, it becomes imperative to confirm that the electrical, plumbing, and network infrastructure is fully functional. This is checked PRIOR to moving day as well, but confirming this is a prerequisite before the qualification process begins. The engineers at Full Spectrum Group can render IQ/OQ/PQ services once the instrumentation is settled at the new location.

Forget having to hire 10 different vendors for the laboratory move. The engineering team at Full Spectrum Group is ready to attack the project from all angles, allowing lab managers to focus on project delivery, daily operations, growth strategies, hiring, and more.

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You don’t have to anticipate every potential complication.

Our team of laboratory movers has seen it all, and we have it covered.

There are so many unforeseen issues that can crop up during a laboratory move. Seasoned laboratory movers are trained and paid to consider the very worst-case scenarios and plan around them to mitigate risk as much as possible. Moving a lab entails so much more than physically moving items from one location to the next. Understanding the ins and outs of industry compliance, delicate instrumentation, and transportation regulations make FSG a strong laboratory moving company.

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We’re laboratory movers with a lot of experience.

We can save you a lot of stress, time, and money.

In the end, it’s not always about the knowledge around lab relocation; in many cases, these services are about helping lab managers save time. Staying focused on project delivery, daily operations, and the quality of the scientific output throughout the move is the biggest benefits of outsourcing your relocation.

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