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Flexibility is an important trait for a professional services organization. Not only is Full Spectrum Group a knowledgeable multi-vendor service provider, but we tend to stay away from “packaged” offerings. Mainly because our experience has taught us that every lab has unique challenges and tailor-made requirements. Finding the right lab equipment repair partner to help with onsite fixes and PM can be a linchpin to a laboratory’s success because it allows the leadership team to focus on the business at hand. There is a great deal riding on the accuracy and efficiency of your scientific instrumentation, and FSG is prepared to take on the responsibility of keeping everything in smooth rotation.

Onsite lab equipment repair services.

Only when you need them.

While having a service contract can help lab managers control costs and streamline operations, sometimes it’s simply not in the operating budget. FSG offers billable onsite repairs for labs of all sizes — when you need them and only when you need them. If you are currently experiencing a critical instrumentation failure and the repair needs are outside of your in-house expertise, make a service request with Full Spectrum Group and one of our team members will get right back to you. Upon submission of your request, we ask that you provide us with some basic information so we can hit the ground running. The next step is to assemble an estimate, and once that is approved we will have a service engineer onsite to administer the repair(s) and get your instrumentation back into circulation.

FSG is also a leading supplier of replacement parts for a variety of instrument OEMs — so we source our own parts for the needed repairs to save you time and money. It’s worth mentioning that we offer discounts on repair parts for our service contract customers. Feel free to reach out to us to discuss these options at any time!

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Looking to simplify things?

Wrap it all into a custom-crafted service contract.

For lab managers and directors who are looking to streamline operations and control costs, our service contracts are a great fit. After we assess the lab and learn which instruments the lab employs (and which instruments are classified as critical vs. non-critical), we can provide a contract that matches your operating budget. When you are a contract partner with FSG, you get a Personal Contract Manager who will make sure that a service engineer is onsite for needed repairs within 48 hours of the request. This single point of contact will also help ensure that PM visits are scheduled in a timely manner.

Perhaps you are experiencing instrument failure for an asset that is not under contract with FSG? No problem — you can expect the same level of communication and care through our billable lab equipment repair services.

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While preventative maintenance is usually (almost always) wrapped into our ongoing service contracts, we also offer PM visits “à la carte.” This is a great fit for start-up labs on a lower operating budget! When the OEM stops supporting your instruments, but you know there are still a few years of life left in them, move your preventative maintenance needs over to Full Spectrum. Do you want to purchase a package of PM visits from us? That’s a great way to go as well — we love offering flexible service solutions to laboratories of all sizes. If we find that the instrumentation requires a repair in order to get its output accuracy where it needs to be, we can provide a quote that outlines the repair in detail. Lab equipment maintenance, when done correctly, will extend the working life of your expensive instrumentation (saving you time and money). Schedule a PM visit with FSG today!

We offer lab equipment repair services for big-name OEMs such as Agilent, Waters, Thermo Fisher, and more.

Working with a multi-vendor service partner like FSG brings a multitude of advantages. Having that single-source solution for lab equipment maintenance and repairs is one thing, but being able to have one vendor to help with most of your equipment needs — regardless of OEM — offers even more streamlined benefits. Many of our service engineers used to work for the OEMs that we support, so that definitely gives us an edge when it comes to in-house experience and instrumentation knowledge. Is your OEM ending support for one of your critical instruments soon?



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One vendor for everything?

Check out our lab asset management services for the ultimate streamlined solution.

If lab equipment repairs and maintenance are becoming the absolute bane of your existence, it might be time to inquire about our total lab asset management services. We will manage everything related to your instrumentation including (but not limited to) OEM service contracts, billable repairs, lab relocations, equipment maintenance, instrument qualification, compliance, and more. If your lab is experiencing growth and you’re having a hard time navigating the chaos, lab asset management could be the solution that makes you love your job again.

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We offer a variety of service solutions.

From service contracts to PM visits.

In the end, if your lab needs a quick repair, FSG is a very strong option with coverage all over the United States and a service track record that speaks for itself. From one-time repairs and PM visits to service contracts and lab asset management services, we would love to help your lab reach its goals.

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