About Us

Full Spectrum Group's Mission

As a world-class organization, Full Spectrum Group leads the industry in quality, value, service, and efficiency by providing specialized analytical solutions for your multi-vendor laboratory systems.​

Why Work with FSG?

We simplify chromatography instrumentation support because we know the pressures of delivering reliable results on time. Due to the cost of chromatography equipment, you may only have one instrument to perform each test. We help you take great care of all of them with our services for repair, maintenance, qualification, and more.

Our clients rave about our response times. We answer emails and phone calls within four business hours. Service contract holders feel calm with the guarantee that an expert will be fixing their instrument within 48 hours of calling.

Integrated Support for Small to Medium-Sized Analytical Labs

Working with us feels like putting an extra chemist in your lab. We consistently send the same engineer to assure you that they know your systems and protocols. Quick access to our technical support increases your confidence in meeting deadlines.

Count on us for complete care of your instruments.
  • Exceptional Response Times
  • On-Site Emergency Repair Service—Typically within 48 hours
  • Customized Multi-Vendor Qualification Protocols
  • ISO 9001:2015 & ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited
  • Exceptional Applications Support
  • Instrument Relocation Services
  • Unlimited Technical Assistance Available
  • Expertly supporting the entire analytical market, including governmental, environmental, life science, cannabis, biotech, petroleum, forensics, and more.

Your Success is Our Success

We earn the trust of lab managers from coast to coast with our exceptional trademark service. Flexible services allow you to maximize your budget. Our services include applications support, relocation, unlimited technical assistance, comprehensive software management, mass spectrometry maintenance, and customized multi-vendor qualification protocols.

While our services are technical, helping people and creating personal relationships are what give our work meaning. We think of ourselves as professional problem-solvers at heart. With us as your partner, you will experience relief of a smoother running lab.

Put your instruments in our hands and relax.

We enjoy talking with everyone working in labs—from analysts to owners.

"We’re all chemists. We’re all people that used to work in laboratories and used this equipment. We treat all our customers like they are the only person in the world."

Roger Reeve
FSG Trainer

Our Story

Two field service engineers, Tom Fider and Alan Chan, kept hearing lab managers explain their stress caused by broken and out-of-date chromatography equipment. Sometimes one system included modules from several manufacturers. Fixing one system often required calls to numerous vendors. Even worse, these OEM vendors failed to prioritize some of these smaller labs.

Tom and Alan recognized the need for a company that had a multi-vendor approach and superb customer service. Tom and Alan decided to become the instrumentation partner that would make the lives of lab managers easier. With this vision, FSG was born in 1992 to provide the best instrumentation service to analytical labs in the Bay area. John Martin, a chemist, joined the team a year later as the company expanded into the Los Angeles area.

We have grown a lot since then. We now truly offer the “full spectrum” of chromatography services for labs across the US. We continue to provide a unique combination of excellent customer service and precision science. And best of all, we become an integral team member of those we support.

Our Partners